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Hello, have posted twice about Airdrop but have not really explained What it really means, anyway the below write up, i briefly explained every based on AIRDROPS,

What Are Crypto Airdrops? 

Cryptocurrency airdrop means a token or coin is distributed to the particular crypto community for free or in exchange of doing small task

Crypto airdrop are the easiest way to earn free cryptocurrency coinsjust like bitcoin and ethereum. Every one can earn and receive free crypto coins without investing any money..

Why Are Crypto Airdrops?

With the increasing trend of projects powered by blockchain  every day there is a new cryptocurrency born and just like every other projects they want to reach as many people as they can as you may know any cryptocurrency in the market need people to transact on their network so they offer their crypto coins or token as a airdrop which can be traded on crypto exchanges Like etherdelta one of the  most popular exchange for ethereum blockchain projects.

How Does Free Crypto Airdrop Works?

The concept is pretty simple you can receive free crypto coins for doing small tasks.
There are certain rules to be qualified for an airdrop these rules can be different for each crypto project  some give you free airdrop crypto coins just for submitting your email address while for others coins you may have to join their telegram group or follow them on twitter.Some of the cryptocurrencies also offer airdrop for those who hold certain cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.it means that if you are a bitcoin holder then you will get free cryptocurrency coins.

Things needed to start applying for airdrops (Free Crypto Coins)

    1. 1. Bitcoin Talk Account (New coins/tokens mostly post their coin announcement on bitcointalk.org so it very important for you to get an account there an rise your rank on it by commenting to different forum threads.)
    2.  2. Ethereum Wallet Address (Ehereum blockchain offers a simple way to create your on cryptocurrency which are known as tokens.so mostly coins(tokens) are created using ethereum blockchain so its essential to get an ethereum address myetherwallet.com is one of the popular to make you your ether wallet address.)
    3. 3. Email address  
    4. 4. Twitter account  
    5. 5. Telegram App 
    6. 6. Facebook Account

      Tips for applying into an crypto airdrop

        1. 1. Never ever share your private keys.
        2.  2. Avoid airdrops that require downloading a wallet or install it on a virtual machine
        3.  3. Use different passwords if it required a website registration
        4.  4. Use separate email account only for applying crypto airdrops
        5. 5. Use a new twitter account
        6. 6. Use a new facebook account

          Where to sell your airdropped crypto coins?

          Most of the coins that offer airdrop are in Pre-ICO stage that means they are most likely not trading in bigger exchanges . So you have two ways you can sell them for low price on the available exchanges or you can be a hold them

          If you want to sell your airdrop crypto make an account on these suggested exchanges

          We also suggest you to hold these airdropped coins as these are increasing in value over time. Take an example of E-Bitcoin Cash which is an airdrop project .We receive 7,000EBCH in airdrop and now it worth more than 400$ in just 2 months.

          What is the worth of these airdropped coins?

          It depends on the crypto project and number of coins you receive in an airdrop.Some coin might get to 1$ and others like eBtc could get you more than 1500$ in value.

          Be aware of scams

          There are many scam airdrop exists in the crypto world.The main purpose of these scam airdrops is to get your personal data for example if a airdrop crypto ask for your private keys then it means its a scam so you need to be careful for applying to any airdrop which is not listed on odafeblog, we only list a coin if it meet the requirements like the coin must have a website, Bitcoib talk ANN and social media account.

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