Friday, March 31, 2017

Official TBC Website Nigeria has been Launched

Nigeria has Launched Official TBC Website 

Nigeria has Launched Official TBC Website 

Admin is proud to announce that Nigeria now has an Official TBC Website:  

Leaders of Nigeria have done a fantastic job of spreading the message about TBC throughout their lands.  These same leaders are working closely with Admin to eliminate TBC Discounters and Scammers not only in Nigeria but also globally.  This issue is the main thing holding up our progress as a TBC community and it must be stamped out now!  This new website will help to expand that team of leaders throughout Nigeria.

Nigeria also has its own local exchange that meets all of Admin’s criteria for a fair and balanced way of exchanging TBC in Naira–the local currency of the country.  So, the people of Nigeria do not have to buy Bitcoin first in order to purchase TBC; they can use the cash in their pocket directly and also withdraw in Naira directly using this exchange.  This exchange comes with a replicated website link that its members use to promote the sales of their TBC coins.  Promoters of TBC are handsomely rewarded this way, and lazy people are not getting undue benefits. 

This is by far a better structure, and their local exchange will take the place of Tbc Trade on the Homepage Sliders once we complete a user guide for this local exchange.  If you are a successful promoter of TBC outside of Nigeria, you should closely examine how they built this local exchange and see if you can duplicate it in your country. 

This will help TBC to become more decentralized as a crypto-currency if each country had an exchange such as this in their country. 

To see this exchange go to wittyxchange and Register now, use “prince5rr” as the sponsor

Monday, January 09, 2017

Try and do your self some good before you request help from anyone

Move away from the state of waiting for people to help you and move to the level of helping people. Don't say everything is government. You too help your self and help others in need of your help too.

kindly follow this link to register and start your life and a new / fresh page.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WhatsApp extends their BBOS and BlackBerry 10 shutdown until June 30, 2017

WhatsApp extends their BBOS and BlackBerry 10 shutdown until June 30, 2017

Remember when WhatsApp decided to announce they would no longer be supporting BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 handsets by the end of 2016? Well, it seems as though they've had a little bit of a change of heart. As noted in their FAQ section and through a new app update available on BlackBerry 10, WhatsApp has quietly let users know the support will be extended until June 30, 2017.
WhatsApp support for mobile devices
As announced in our blog, we will soon be ending support for certain devices. On June 30, 2017, we will no longer support the following platforms:
  • BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10
  • Nokia S40
  • Nokia Symbian S60
The following platforms will no longer be supported at the beginning of 2017:
  • Android 2.1 and Android 2.2
  • Windows Phone 7
  • iPhone 3GS/iOS 6
These platforms don't offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app's features in the future. If you use one of these affected mobile devices, we recommend upgrading to a newer Android running OS 2.3+, a Windows Phone 8+, or an iPhone running iOS 7+ before the end of 2016 to continue using WhatsApp.
It should go without saying, this will certainly make some folks happy. The new update for the BlackBerry 10 version is available through BlackBerry World right now but keep in mind, it's a re-setting of the time-bomb built into the app, which will now no longer go off at the end of 2016.

See much reasons why DSTV Excluded Nigeria from Slashed Subscription Rates

Why We Excluded Nigeria from Slashed Subscription Rates - DSTV

While admitting that DStv bouquet subscriptions were slashed in other countries, as reported, she explained that reduction was way below the 20 per cent claimed by the authors of the reports. On the exclusion of Nigeria from the list of countries affected by the slash, Oghuma said Nigerian DStv subscribers have always paid lower rates than subscribers in the affected countries and, despite the recent reduction, still pay lower.

“For two years, prices were not increased in Nigeria until April, 2015. Even when they were increased, they remained substantially lower than in other countries. MultiChoice made a decision to absorb costs on behalf of the Nigerian subscriber because the company recognizes that the country is passing through a difficult economic phase,” she explained.

Monday, November 14, 2016

DPFaces - #1 Nigeria Community

DPFaces - #1 Nigeria Community is a Nigerian Community (Nigerian Social Media), where you get to find friends, connect, chat, explore, share ideas and more.
This is a vibrant and user-friendly entertainment network, which is very responsive according to your device.

DPFaces is the best place to keep up with your Naija friends faster than ever.

What makes DPFaces (DPF) a Unique Community:

• Find and Chat with Friends

•Meet people by location, and more.

• See what friends are up to

• Share updates, photos and videos

• Add Poll

• React To Posts

• Create Photo Album

• Add/Follow New Friends

• Pinch Friends

• Get Friends Activity Log

• Get Real-Time Notifications

• Create Blog Posts

• Create Forum Topics

• Share News, Tutorials, Latest Trending, etc. with DPF's users

• Create Pages/Groups• Add and Watch Videos (Movies)

• Sell Your Item (Market Place)

• Play/Promote Musics

• Play Online Games

• Draw (only available with PC)

• Advertise Your Product/Content And many more...
DPFaces is here to create a face for you, in every way possible.
You can explore DPF by visiting and also download DPF's Android Application from Google Play Store via the link below.
Do well to rate DPF with a 5-star, so as to inspire us in providing a better platform in the years to come.

You lose nothing by joining others on the network, but gain more, because there are thousands of users just like you, who are willing to have the best experience with you, willing to meet someone with your kind of personality and wanting to be heard, be your friends, help in their own way and lots more.

All Accounts, Data/Info are secured (SSL)

Register Now @



internet marketing of a business image


You can imagine how in a business competition not the both parties that grow in parallel with each other.

One business owner may grow faster than the other day and might and the other will neither grow nor diminish.

Any business man on earth has a business secret and this secret is what either makes you a business amateur or a professional.

Take for instance “COCA-COLA" and PEPSI produces the same product” their differences is not that clear to man but one among this two competitors is surely doing better or better than the other one.
What makes one to perform better than the other is what we call business secret.

In this article we are going to learn few basic things to do in exposing your business, product or services to the public. Read on>>>>But before we start, can you take few minute to score yourself this few questions and see where your fault is in struggle to enlarge your business?

I have this strong believe that you are still the same as yesterday or rather going backward instead of growing and expanding in business because you are still in ignorant just as the bible said my people perish because of lack of knowledge.

Few Questions to be noted

  • What is the world we are today?
  •  Who are my competitors?
  •  What is helping my competitors to do better than I do?
  •  What is the important of internet marketing?

There are many questions you need to ask yourself but let’s explain the highlighted ones.


Nowadays, the only place people want to read is online. Selling of product will no longer work in soon coming time if internet selling is not initiated.

Imagine spending your money printing flyers and banners, paying huge amount of money sending people to walk from one street to another seeking for people interest to read your flyers when others will take few minutes to place ads online and the respond is always remarkable.

It is good to print flyers for your business but don’t be surprise that with all your effort, energy and money spend on printing this hand bills you still won’t have up to ten reviews and not even five impressions.

I was standing by the road side and a young man was passing by sharing flyers and I was pinking on Facebook, and he gave me the flyer, I look at it and immediately I saw the name of the school which he was advertising for admission, I threw the flyer and I continue my pinking.

Do you know that its not different from what others are also doing when you print flyers? Yes! It happened.

Facebook now have over 74 billion users and still counting on daily basis. I think should give you an option to choose a place where people are always interested to go in other to bring your brand or services to the public.

58% of adult spend more time on social media rather than reading magazines. Therefore if I am to answer your question “We are in a global world, a world of internet”.


Business competitors are those people who engage in one or more of your business type thereby always taking your place if you are not available. This can occur when your marketing strategies are weak, your supply is low and so on.

Also, in any brand or product you chose to advance on, you should understand that before you started this business, others have been there who are more advance in the system than you are. i.e there are gurus and you are just a newbie in the game therefore you should chose the right marketing strategy to enhance your product.


This is a very essential part of a business man. Any man who wants to become very successful in any profession can never becomes a professional if he chooses to learn on his own except he focus on serious research.

In every area you feel you are not clear, it is very important to ask people who have had similar experience in one way or the other. This will help you to enhance your performance.

Asking is a research to become more than the person who you are asking. Don’t worry thinking or hoping to become the same with your mentor. Is seriously advised to always look for a mentor for your business but be careful, Adam’s seed are all over the world if not the person you look as your mentor may be your competitor.


Before I answer this question, I will like to outline here what internet marketing is all about.
Internet marketing is the process whereby goods and services are advertised through social media, such as FacebookLinkedInTwitter etc, through advertising website such as google adword program, Amazon and many more. Take for instance, Jumia and Konga are very large online shopping platforms popular for everyone, but don’t be surprise that they still invest in internet marketing such as running a reselling program (Affiliate Progam), this is the process whereby online publishers receive a referral ID or link from a selling or advertising program with the aim of convincing other internet base interested client to buy product or accept services through their platform.

Internet marketing helps to popularize your product or services. It helps the masses to get to know about your brand.

Last words: If you must grow in your business, then this tutorial is best for you to explore in your business.
Engage in internet marketing and see the reward for it within one month.
internet marketing image

author-picAbout Author
Prosper Noah is a Nigerian Tech Blogger, a Web/blog designer who feels it's necessary to share his Tech knowledge with others, his blog PronoahTECH has helped a lot of people especially in the area of Tutorials

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Black Friday 2016 - COUNTDOWN AS STARTED


It is that time of the year again where you get the best deals and massive discounts on across your favorite products and categories. Black Friday is always the day following Thanksgiving Day which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and this year Black Friday falls on 25th November 2016. It is only some few days to the Black Friday


Black Friday started in the United States and been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US and now spreads to other nations which most major retailers both Offline and Online Shopping Stores offers promotional sales. A lot of products will be on sale during the Black Friday promotion, and the products will cut across major categories such as fashion items, home appliances, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, kitchen utensils, play station games, baby toys and much more at discounted prices.

You can get an amazing discount, over 50-90% off! on any product purchased on that special day. It is also a Friday you make huge profits you’ve never made before if you are a business person.

Black Friday 2016 on JUMIA - 14th - 25th of November
Jumia has learned from their mistake, do remember that Jumia NG website crashed at start hour of the 2015 Black Friday when millions of Nigerians struggling at the same time to get Infinix Hot2 at 50% discount. Jumia 2015 Black Friday is a day offer and while this year 2016, it is a 12days heavy discount! More days, more deals and more convenience.

That shows that this year will be bigger and better than ever, with not just one day of amazing deals, but 12 days of Black Friday deals. Yes! From November 14th - 25th 2016, More than 100,000 deals, flawless shopping journey. It is the time to dust off those wish lists and take advantage of the heavy discounts that the E-commerce giant - Jumia, want to offer.

Although Jumia is yet to specify the products that will be discounted, we are looking forward that the promo will be at least 50% discount and with this, you can get your sleek smartphone you have been craving for, laptop or gadget for half of the normal price.

Jumia 2016 Black Friday Sponsored by MTN, Mansard, Binatone, Infinix, Intel, Innjoo, HP, Plustar, Etihad Airways. Save the money and Save the date! It is from November 14th - 25th 2016. Get prepared to upgrade for less during Jumia Black Friday!

Don’t want to miss out 2016 Jumia Black Friday? Register your email and get a reminder on the D-day, by visiting the Jumia special created page for Jumia Black Friday 2016, at

To receive pop notification as soon as the best deals available. Download the Jumia app via your Android, Blackberry, Apple and Windows phone.

Get the Jumia App and shop on the go!!!!!

Discounts on Jumia black Friday sales Jumia black Friday sales